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Moo & Dot

Race Through Space Mat Set

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Jet off to Space

Hop through the galaxy as your little one's colour their way through stars, planets and rockets whilst dodging the aliens and meteors. Our space themed silicone colouring mat is more than just a colouring mat, it also features a board game for you to play together. 

Space Game

Using a dice or a dice app, take turns rolling the dice.

Choose a pen colour and cross off the stars as you move your dice number through space. 

If you land on a rocket leap forward following the dotted lines. 

However if you land on an alien spaceship you'll have to zoom back following the dotted lines. 

The winner is the first to reach the 'Finish' star. 

This game can be played with a dice app and the pens, or if you prefer physical counters use a coin, a toy or any item that you have as your playing piece. 

It encourages counting, hand movement and a lot of fun!


30 x 40 cm silicone colouring mat in our Race Through Space design

8 wipe clean colouring pens

Cloth storage zip up pouch (colours may vary)

How to Use:

Simply colour the mat using our wipe clean pens and, when finished wipe clean with a damp cloth then reuse. 

Our mats fold easily to fit in to the storage pouch with the pens for easy transportation wherever your adventures may take you.